KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

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The project Dare to be Different – Creative drama in education included organizations

Primary school Olga Milosevic (Serbia),

Demenika Primary school (Greece),

St Margaret Collage, Zabbar Primary B (Malta),

Esenkoy Adnan Kaptan Ortaokulu (Turkey)

and Association of drama artists BAZAART from Belgrade (Serbia ).

They had a fruitful and intensive cooperation directed towards the Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices which lasted for 22 months with the extension of 4 months due to Covid pandemic. The main objectives of the project are to develop creative and critical thinking of students, to raise the level of motivation and satisfaction with learning process, to enable students to tackle different issues in a constructive and creative way, and to foster respect for diversity. The participants of the joint teacher training are 14 teachers from the partner school who attended the seminar on creative drama delivered by the partner organisation Bazaart. The second mobility was the exchange of 9 students and 2 teachers from Serbia who jointly created and performed two original drama plays with their peers and colleagues from the Turkish school from Esenkoy. The plays were performed on the 23rd of April, 2019 on the occasion of the International Children’s Day. The third activity was a transnational meeting held in Turkey in October, 2020.Due to the Covid pandemic, the Greek and Maltese teams took part online.

The results achieved

Tangible results 1. A book of original drama scripts IO1, 2. A collection of lesson plans IO2, 3. A presentation about the creative drama process implementation in schools, 4. a video created during the short-term exchange of students, 5. Self-evaluation sheets for teachers and students’ evaluation of the creative drama process. 6. Recording of some of the plays derived during the creative drama process /all of them were not performed in front of the audience due to Corona pandemic. Intangible results – better results of formative and summative assessment of the students engaged in the creative drama activities, – higher level of students’ satisfaction with learning in the lesson where drama techniques were being implemented, . – improved cultural awareness at a very high level – considerably improved English skill of students directly involved in drama process led in English, – improved digital skill of the students who created digital material such as the Pixton comic, eCards to the partner schools, avatars with audio greetings, an eStory,

The results that were not envisaged but achieved are

– EUROPEAN LANGUAGE LABEL for the play The Tokens of Friendship,

– TWO NATIONAL ETWINNING LABELS, – Improved skill in Turkish language of some teachers and students.

The dissemination of the project results was performed on local, national and international level by engaging in this phase with different stakeholders such as teachers from other schools, parents, local authorities, Educational institutes, representatives of the Ministry of Education, cultural institutions and teachers at the international conference.

The long-term impact will be integration of the innovative methodology in the curricula of the schools in regular lessons. The creative drama will hopefully lead to educating and bringing-up creative, responsible and interculturally sensitive citizens of Europe.  

The collection of original drama scripts DARE TO BE DIFFERENT

The collection of drama lesson plans THE BUNCH OF COLOURFUL ACTIVTIES